Learning Curve "Wooden"Edit

The wooden Victor looks like the real one. He has a bright red paintwork, yellow wheels is different, a bright lamp, yellow and black buffer-beam, and a red dome and whistle.

Wooden Victor

Wooden's face Edit

It looks great as far as looks. It has big eyebrows, (almost a uni-brow). And just it looks, uh, well, it's kinda, sorta like uh, Hispanic in a weird sort of way. Now it is obvious from the picture that they put a lot of molding into the face. It has a lot of wrinkles, and bumps.

Wooden's magnet strength Edit

I hear that their magnet's are pretty strong. I have a feeling that they can hold on to Take-Along engines really good!

Trackmaster (Not Tomy) Edit

The Trackmaster Victor is a strong locomotive. It is cool! They have good strong coupler things.


Unknown if to come out yet.