New style Thomas

Thomas wooden old style

Old style Learning curve thomas

Learning curve Edit

The Learning Curve Thomas has a old style, a middle style, and a new style. They both have 6 wheels, and the #1. On the old style's roof, There is no red lines! The New one does have red lines. There faces look diffrent too. The new style Daisy has more detail, so does the new style Thomas. The New style Thomas has brighter teeth than the old style.

Ertl Edit


Ertl Thomas

The ertl Thomas has side rods, but they don't move! Unlike the learning Curve New style Thomas, he has blue lines unsted of red lines.

Tomy/Trackmaster Edit

Trackmaster Thomas

Remote control flip face trackmaster thomas

Thomas starter set

Tomy Thomas (in box)

The tomy Thomas Came in red buffers or white buffers.The trackmaster Thomas comes in remote control or the

red buffer.

Take-along Edit