Henry is a long and fast engine.

He is highly strung and can be prone to illness.He has a thouroghbred look,and shares express duties with Gordon.

Henry was stuck in a tunnel when he refused to come out.He was let out because Gordon burst his safety valves.

He was later very sickly when the standard coal he used was getting worse.The reason for this was that his firebox

was too small.

He was cured by Welsh coal. He didn't need the welsh coal after he had had an accident with The Flying Kipper.

This incident caused Henry to no longer have his firebox like Gordon's. Henry was built as A Stanier 5MT.

The Wooden Railway first and second models of Henry portray his as a Stanier 5MT. The notable difference is the tender. It looks like a Stanier tender, Exactly like the Stanier 5MT.

The Ertl model of Henry recreates the Henry in the television series. The character card in the sticker-faced Henry models show Henry as a Stanier 5MT.Henry was proposed for the Ertl Gold Rail Range,but was never released.Henry was also recreated by the mini Ertls as a set"Henry, the express and Henry's tunnel".

The Tomy/Trackmaster Henry are using the Television Series as a basis for their Henry model.

Bachmann made their Henry as the one in the Television Series.

Hornby used the Stanier 5MT as the basis for Henry.Henry is a Stanier 5MT.