Tomy/trackmaster Edit

Colin is a crane at the docks. Trackmaster has made in the set "Colin in "A Party Suprize", but not the crane; individually. Now Colin in the Trackmaster, does come with its own thing to hang on to. The thing that Colin hangs on to is similar to the same thing, that comes with the but only is a different color. The one in the Colin set, is Purple, and the one in the other set is Apricot.

Learning curve Edit

The Learning curve Colin has a crane that works like Cranky. He comes with a cargo car. The cargo in the cargo car has a magnet on top; the only thing to make that magnet to work is to... Turn the cargo until you can read "SODOR CARGO CO.". The big black dot on top is the magnet. Colin works just like Cranky, you crank the handle down, and Colin's crane arm will connect to the magnet on the cargo.